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Aviation Food Safety Training

Compliancy in Aviation Regulations is extremely important. This importance is not only for our passengers, clients, and customers, but our employees and contractors as well. In corporate aviation we are always striving for excellence. To achieve this, we are always learning. Food safety is ever so present in the safe delivery, presentation, storing and ordering catering for our customers. We all play an essential role in aviation food safety.


This course will provide you with the knowledge required to be compliant in food safety and inflight catering. For more information, please download our Aviation Food Safety Training Handout

  • Aviation Food Safety

    This in-depth program covers all regulatory compliances and will elevate your required knowledge in all aspects of Aviation Food Safety. Specific to business aviation and our unique service requirements, this program is recommended for all pilots, flight attendants, PAOBD, and flight crew members that are responsible for the safe handling, delivery and ordering of catering on board their aircraft. The duration of this program is 2.5 hours.

  • Condensed Aviation Food Safety

    The condensed version of Aviation Food Safety meets all the regulatory compliances needed to ensure your basic learning skills regarding food handling, storage and service are met. A duration time of approximately 45 minutes, this program is recommended for all flight coordinators, ground handlers, FBO concierge, and anyone who comes in contact with food handling, storage, and minimal service.


To enroll in Aviation Food Safety program, click here.

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