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Sterling Testimonials


We have been contracting our Flight Attendants through Michele Mentink and ICFS Inc for many years. We are highly satisfied with the professionalism, expertise and superior level of service that ICFS has provided throughout the years. Their commitment and passion to their work makes this company a cut above the rest and I am proud to recommend Michele and her team.


Laurent Beaudoin

Président du Conseil d’Administration
Chairman of the Board


When we need dependable, world-class, impeccable cabin service support, Skyservice Business Aviation has been calling ICFS for more than 10 years. Our clients expect and deserve the best; ICFS is instrumental in helping us deliver it.


On behalf of Flexjet Inflight Services, please allow me to express my sincere appreciation to you (and your company) for delivering a spectacular service procedures seminar to our Flight Attendant instructors and Standards.

You have absolutely no idea the respect you garnered from all of us when you braved the Texas heat, took off those high-heeled shoes, hung up your jacket, and patiently walked us through your service style not once, but several times, even during the filming.

Your willingness to sit down with Pat and myself and review our Inflight manual and the fact that you felt comfortable enough to make improving suggestions bespoke of your high work ethic and confidence to assist the client when we asked for your help. To that, Michele, I can only humbly say: “Thank You”.

As promised, you delivered exactly what we needed, your timing was perfect, and you certainly made another indelible impression on all of us here at Flexjet. Your continued support for me and my efforts is just a huge testimony to your professionalism and graciousness. It is an extreme pleasure working with you.

Caryl Knapp

Manager – Inflight Services


For the past 2 ½ years Noralta Lodge has had the privilege of working alongside the Team from Sterling Aviation.  Sterling Aviation has provided flight attendant services for all of our flights.  Through this period we have had the pleasure of being served by the most professional, courteous, outgoing crew that have continually went above and beyond.  This team of fine ladies have provided our team members with comfort and knowledge to allow all passengers to feel safe and secure, knowing all of their needs will be looked after. For anyone requiring Flight Attendant Service, I strongly recommend Sterling Aviation for these services, you will not be disappointed.

Curt Wright


Sterling Aviation has gone above and beyond our expectations with their services. We have partnered with them since 2010 and from that first flight with us, our executive passengers were truly impressed with the level of service, dedication and professionalism that was demonstrated on every single flight crewed with Sterling Aviation flight attendants. Their knowledge and attention to details truly made them who they are. We have utilized them exclusively on our private and charter flights and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a professional team of flight attendants.


Sylvain Bergeron

Chief Pilot / Manager Flight Operations

Progressive Waste Solutions









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